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This week we’ve been looking to some of the world’s coolest office spaces for some design and colour inspiration. And let’s just say we’re getting some serious workplace envy! Whilst most of the following offices obviously belong to big business corporations, we’ve also snuck in a smaller enterprise who knows how to maximise a mini budget for maximum affect.
The 3 Coolest office spaces are:

Beats Electronics, Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles USA, the Beats Electronics office has taken colour blocking to the next level. We love seeing colour being used as a central design feature and this is a perfect example of what happens when it’s done right. In this office, the company has utilised a skilled commercial painter who has leveraged their brand colour palette, and offset against natural wood tones and some greenery.

Barbara Bestor, architect of the office explains how the colours have also been used with colour psychology in mind. The large blue space is designed to create a feeling of calm and peacefulness, whilst the smaller red zones evokes a sense of concentrated energy. “The colours help create distinct locations” (Bestor, Inc.com: 2015).

The inclusion of high windows means natural light can also soften the boldness of wall to ceiling (and furniture) colour. Allowing strong natural light can also help improve overall employee wellbeing and productivity. What’s not to love?! This is definitely one of the coolest office spaces we’ve seen!

Google, Tel Aviv

Many might consider Google as the pioneer in “coolest office spaces”, and they’re not retiring any time soon. Their local headquarters in Tel Aviv showcase how tradition can be incorporated into a modern office.

The concept behind this hi-rise office was to reference the culture different on each floor. The focus in this first image is obviously throwing back to the cultural identity of Israel, whilst creating usable spaces for employees to breakout. Here the focus is not so much on commercial branding and colour, but texture. The use of a vertical (and upside down) garden alongside a cobbled path evokes a feeling of being outside in “old town”.

In the second image, there is a clear distinction from the first, with bright lights, a neon colour palette and the visual creation of a sandy beach. Using colours and textures to create a playful space is nothing new to commercial painters in Sydney, like Summit. However, Google has gone the next level with its fit out to really commit to the beach scene, even including a water slide!

Men at Work Communications, Sydney

Local PR firm Men at Work Communications located in trendy Chippendale shows how a small business can still create an office space which oozes “cool”. The office is a collaborative project from all the members of staff to create a space where they want to be.

Using our “painter” eyes, the first thing we notice is the need for a blank canvas for a space like this to really take shape. The stark white walls (whilst generally unnoticed) are what creates a cohesive feel to the otherwise pastiche of colours, images and furniture pieces. White is also a colour which rarely dates and always looks fresh. For more about what colours are on trend this year, don’t forget to check out our free e-book

Using white walls as the blank canvas also injects a feeling of bright airiness which is enhanced by the large scale windows and high ceilings. The focus of this office is obviously to make those within it feel at home and able to put their personal touch on the space.

If you’re feeling inspired after seeing these cool offices the way we were, and your office or commercial space is in need of a commercial paint, contact Summit Coatings for an obligation free quote. We can have you on your way to your very own cool office space in no time at all! 

Image Sources: The Daily Telegraph, Inc.com