When it comes to deciding what colours to use for your commercial paint job, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming to make a selection. It’s important to use colours that will relieve stress and make employees and customers comfortable while also using caution during the selection process. Offering commercial painting services, one question we always ask our commercial clients is, “what kind of impression do you want to leave on my employees and customers?” Let’s take a look at how colour affects office space and what you can do to create a warm and welcoming environment with colour.

The Research

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did an investigation in the 1980s on how office colour affected productivity for office workers. Researchers wanted to know if certain colour combinations created a pleasant space for employees and were curious whether white walls were ideal for workspace. They ended up taking three identical offices and painting them differently. The first office suite had monochromatic white walls, the second was painted primarily red with light blue accents, and the third was painted in a pastel blue with pastel red accents. Then 90 workers were tested to see how their moods, speed, and accuracy of work were affected in each environment. As we offer commercial painting services, we’re interested to see their results of how colour affects modern office environments. 

The Results

From this study, NASA concluded that more people felt negative moods while working in a space with mostly red paint. On the other hand, workers in the pastel blue office space felt positive emotions more often. This suggests that people generally enjoy colours that are calming, which is something to keep in mind while designing your space. And if you’re wondering how productivity was affected, NASA concluded that there were no significant changes in how an employee was able to perform based on the colours of the walls. So if anything, selecting the colours of your commercial environment is important because it affects how your employees and customers feel, and can influence whether they feel stressed out or comfortable more often while occupying their space.

What we can learn

The best way to create an inviting office space is by selecting subtle colours that make people feel calm. Whites with tone and warming greys invite people in and splashes of vibrant colour add interesting focal points for your space. Neutral colours also ensure that people are able to concentrate on the work they have to complete without being distracted with the colours on the wall or getting eye fatigue. As long as you keep your office space simple without over stimulating your employees with lots of vibrant colours, you’ll ensure that the office space matches with your corporate logo and branding. It’s best to think about your employees and customers while selecting colours that take into account what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your space. Sometimes it’s best to turn to a professional painting company with colour consultants that can match your environment needs with the best office colors.

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