New Year; new colour trends! At Summit Coatings, we love seeing the new trend predictions for 2016 and working out how you can work them into your home, commercial space or strata complex. The colour trends 2016 are definitely bold and beautiful! They reflect our growing dependence on technology and society is searching for ways to “switch off” and engage our more analogue senses of “sight, smell and touch in our homes” (Behr, 2016).

The colour trends 2016 will help us create more entertaining spaces which engage all our senses. Through rich colours, deep textures and striking patterns, 2016 will be a bold year for colour. To see how you can incorporate these 2016 colour trends, check out our three top themes.

High Contrast

Possibly the boldest of the trends this year, “High Contrast” sees the use of bright hues contrasted against deep and dark tones. The objective of this trend is to create highly entertaining spaces which push your senses to explore contrasting colours, patterns and even styles. The effect is an exotic, eclectic mix which is anything but boring.

Source: Behr

Luxe Dimension

For all you more traditional decorators out there, this one’s for you! Structured patterns, pastels and royal shades strongly feature in this colour trend 2016. Best suited for a home office, or living room, this is the safest option for those of you who find it hard to move away from neutrals, but want to inject a modern feel to your space. This colour trend also works well in heritage homes in need of a facelift to bring it in to 2016. Use natural timber colours in combination with creams, whites and greys, and top off with a pop of coral or royal blue accent. Accent colours can be applied directly to walls (if you’re feeling brave), or brought through your soft furnishings such as window treatments and throw cushions.

Source: Behr

Blurred Boundaries

Hello all things retro! This colour trend 2016 is all about creating a relaxed setting with an almost atmospheric feel. Perfect for spaces like the bedroom (where relaxation is paramount), this trend is all about round edges, soft shapes and subtle colour combinations. Using colours such as sea green, oranges and turquoises, in combination with round natural jute rugs, round cube shelving and even bean bags!

Source: Behr
If you’re looking to explore colour trends 2016 in your next painting project, contact Summit Coatings to discuss your painting needs.