As residential painters North Shore, we’re getting back into the swing of things now that 2016 has well and truly begun. Whilst we’re focussing on a number of residential painting projects in the new year, we’ve noticed some of our clients are working to cleaning up their home after the holiday period. We’ve put together our top tips to cleaning up your home after christmas, so you can get on with starting the new year at full speed!

Cleaning your home up after the holidays

Pack away the festive items

As residential painters North Shore, we often see the odd festive decorations still lying around well in to the new year. The simplest way to make your home look instantly tidier is to pack away the tinsel, pull down the fairy lights and store the various decorations you’ve collected over the years. A clean slate is key to a tidy home, and a great start to the new year.

Find a “home” for the new goodies

Between grandma, you and the kids, you’ve no doubt collected a few new belongings. As residential painters North Shore, we often see these new possessions just lying around on countertops and on the floor of kids’ bedrooms. Our best tip is to find a “home” for these new items early on. Whether that’s a storage chest in the rumpus room, a specific shelf on the bookcase or in a drawer in the kitchen, having a home for everything means you’ll have less “stuff” just accumulating in plain sight.

Deep clean the interior

Now that the clutter is gone, it’s time to really get down and dirty (or clean…?) and give your home a deep clean. This means pulling out the rubber gloves, grabbing your favourite cleaning products and using some elbow grease to make your home sparkle. As residential painters North Shore, we really notice the difference concentrating on specific areas can make. Focus on dusting the skirting boards throughout your home, scrub the grout in the bathrooms, get rid of those cobwebs on the ceiling and even consider hiring a carpet cleaner to steam the carpets.

Don’t forget the walls

As residential painters North Shore we may be a little bias, but we really do see the difference a good wall wash makes. Over the holiday period your walls will have inevitably suffered some bumps and marks from visitors, pets and kids. This doesn’t mean you need to repaint the house – simply take to the walls with a soft, damp cloth and lightly work to remove any scuff marks you might see. Just don’t rub too hard as you can end up removing the paint altogether!
Don’t forget, if your home still needs some professional help to get it looking its best, contact Summit Coatings to see how we can complete wall washing, interior or exterior painting!