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At one level or another, we are all aware that the colours on our walls can affect our moods. With this principle in mind, can we use colour to increase productivity at work? As a commercial painting company, we definitely believe colour can be leveraged to improve the workday, and have had great feedback regarding the change in the work environment once a space has been transformed.
So let’s start with the big 4 in the commercial business world: blue, yellow, red and green!


Blues are known to evoke a sense of calm and serenity. It helps you think clearly and therefore might be considered the most productive colour for your place of work. Blues are perfect for offices where a lot of “brain work” comes in to play. Think accountants, strategists and administration workers. We’ve noticed through our commercial painting services sydney wide, that no matter what industry chooses to use    blue in their workspace, the environment is a calm and approachable space.

Image source: Interior-idea.com


Calling all creative types! Yellows are known to induce optimism, joyfulness and confidence – exactly what graphic designers, artists, interior designers and creative groups need to get their creative juices flowing. Yellow might not always be the first choice for an office environment, yet our experience as a commercial painters has shown that when placed in the right environment, yellow can achieve great things for staff morale and productivity.

Image source: wallpaperdecor.us


Red is a very strong colour, which makes it the ideal colour choice for all those physical workplaces. Red represents strength and stimulus – perfect for when you need to push yourself physically. It’s not suited to every corporate environment, though can be used as a highlight to support other monochromatic or neutral choices to emphasise branding. Red is perfect for warehouses and factories – where physical strength is paramount.

Image source: Palram.com.au


Greens have a balancing effect, which make them perfect for point of sale businesses and anywhere that monetary transactions might take place. Retail stores, front offices and wherever a till is located can gain the full benefits of this colour. The customers that use our commercial painting services Sydney have told us that greens evoke a sense of reassurance and calmness, allowing customers to feel safe and trusting. We all want trusting customers, so maybe greens the right choice for your transaction business?

Image source: Businessinsider.com.au

Additional Notes on commercial colour selection

Now that we’ve covered a few of the key colours perfect for commercial locations, don’t forget to consider the shade of colour – particularly the saturation. High saturated colours (bright blues, reds, greens, yellows) evoke a stronger effect than their low-saturated counterparts. The benefit of commercial environments is that they allow you to explore brighter colours than in a residential home, so have some fun with it!
For more info about the top colour trends for your commercial space, we’ve put together an EBook outlining the core colour trends for 2015. You can do download it below for free. Just click on the button.
If you require assistance with your next commercial painting job, contact Summit Coatings today! We also offer colour consultancy to assist you in making this important decision for your business.

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