I’m often asked this question prior to even inspecting the space and the answer could almost always be ‘how long is a piece of string?’.
Even with over thirty years experience in the North Shore painting industry, it is tough to put an exact timeline down for a job. During the initial quoting period a good quality home painter will always give you an estimated job length. This should take in to account any building issues which require rectification (rising damp issues, rotting timber etc), and of course how many local painters will be completing the job.
As we are both quality home painters and affordable residential painters we know that we are dependant on the following criteria for us to get an appropriate quote to you that you can trust includes all factored costs.
There are a few factors which will impact how long a job will take to complete.

1. Age of dwelling

The walls of a new home or home addition will usually take less time than an existing dwelling. The reason is that in older homes, there are generally damages which will need to be rectified. This might include chipped door frames, scuffed stairwells, or to a major extent, rising damp or poorly applied original paint. Good preparation is something we pride ourselves on as it means a better finish for you – the home owner.

2. Colour and finish selection

If a client chooses a simple colour scheme, the job timings will be considerably shortened compared to a client who wants a suede finish, with numerous feature walls and specially finished ceiling mouldings. A darker colour can require extra preparation for a residential painter to achieve appropriate coverage. There’s an interesting trending colour palette for 2015, full of natives, pastels and bolds! If you are having trouble picking your colour scheme, Taubmans Inspirations schemes presented in rooms are excellent for ideas!

3. Quality of work and attention to preparation

As the saying goes; easy come, easy go. A lasting paint job will take more time to complete than a job that’s just been slapped on to get the job finished. The most important factor to ensuring a lasting finish is paying attention to preparation. Most of a job’s time should be allocated to preparation of surfaces. Often you do get what you pay for – so be wary of any local painter who’s quote comes in considerably cheaper than their competitors. An affordable residential painter doesn’t have to mean using cheap products or cutting corners.

4. Size of dwelling

It goes without saying that a four bedroom home will take much longer to complete than a studio apartment. Whilst there might be some exceptions to the rule, size does matter. Quoting can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ job in that a Master Bedroom might be much bigger in one house than another. There might be lots of windows, fixed panelling or ornate cornice and skirting which will add make a difference to your overall time and cost! Before you go thinking you have a big house and you can DIY the paintwork to save pennies on your renovation, consider that it is more expensive to repair a botched paint job than to have paid for a professional home painter to begin with. No matter the scale of the job, an affordable residential painter is available to make your dreams a reality.
To get you on your way, here is a handy 4 step guide to choosing the right residential painter.

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