local house painters

It happens slowly, one day at a time, and it’s easy to miss. As you go about your life, your home starts ageing little by little. One day you look up and you’d swear you were living in a haunted house.

You don’t have to empty your savings account to get your castle back to its former glory. A great painter can work wonders. How do you know when you’ve found a great one, though?

It isn’t always easy, but start with these top tips for finding the best local house painters in your area.

1. Choose a Master Painter

A quick Google search will show you countless painters in your area, so the name of the game is to narrow your selection. Begin with two words: Master Painter.

The Master Painter designation comes from the Master Painters Australia NSW Association. It’s a non-profit organization that evaluates painters and offers distinction to those who stand above the rest.

When you see the Master Painter label, you know you’ve found a winner. You can be assured that this professional has an independently-certified background of exceptional skills and you can trust them with your home.

2. Ask the Pros

As a homeowner, chances are that you have other professionals you trust with other parts of your house. You might have a well-respected contractor or plumber in your contact list.

Professionals within the construction industry work together on different projects. Through that collaboration, they’ve probably seen certain painters who were fantastic and others who weren’t.

Talk to the construction professionals you trust and ask if they have any recommendations. Find out why they’re recommending the person and how much experience they’ve had with them.

3. Look Up Local Award-Winners

You want to know your neighbours’ favourite house painters but you don’t have hours to spend asking everyone. The alternative is to check out how your neighbours voted in the surveys they’ve already taken.

Look for consumer awards in your local area. These contests ask consumers for their input on the best professionals and businesses in various specialities, and those with the most votes will win an award.

Find out which house painters have won awards in your area. Check out how those awards came about, too. You want awards that are voted on by consumers, not handed out by corporations who don’t detail their criteria.

4. Stick to Specialists

Anyone could manage to paint a room if necessary. Only a truly trained and experienced painter can do it efficiently, safely, and with an optimal end result.

As you shop for painters, look for people who are truly professional painters. Steer clear of general fix-it people who list painting as one of their many services.

In fact, make sure your painter specifically advertises for the type of painting you need. If a painter only advertises their interior painting and you need exterior painting, they could probably pull it off but they won’t be your best option.

5. Shop Around

So far, we’ve discussed tips for choosing among the many painters you see online. When you’ve narrowed your selection, start looking at the way they’d handle your specific job.

Ask three or four painters to come to your home to give you estimates. This lets them provide a more accurate estimate but it lets you meet them too. You can get a feel for their tastes, how easy they are to communicate with, and whether they may work well with you.

When you get the price estimates, don’t choose the lowest quote blindly. Compare the estimates to the average house painting costs you would expect. Consider price as one part of the full package as well while you choose the best house painter for you.

6. Review Their History

When you have your top options, take a closer look into their past work. If you haven’t seen pictures of their past work already, now is the time.

Make sure you clarify what work the painters completed in the pictures they show you. You might see a gorgeous home exterior with a spectacular paint job, but you find out your painter only handled the trim. They may not be as qualified for your job as you though.

Your house painting isn’t just about the end result. You also want a painter that will do the work in a clean, timely, and efficient way. You want someone who won’t give you a low estimate to hook you and then raise the price halfway through the job.

You can find out about all this by asking for references from previous customers. Ask them about their full experience with the painter you’re considering. This gives you a more in-depth look into what you can expect.

7. Check Out the Fine Print

As you’re comparing painters, find out the details that each painter’s contract would include. What type of warranty or satisfaction assurance do they offer? What happens if you’re unhappy with the work they do?

Find out what they are and aren’t responsible for, too. Do they seem to be looking for ways to avoid responsibility in case they cause damage or do your job wrong?

These are notes in the fine print most people don’t think about until there’s a problem. Ask for a copy of the contract in advance so you can take your time and know what you’re agreeing to.

Finding the Best Local House Painters in Your Area

Painting your home is an efficient way to bring it back to life, update its style, or bring it back to the beauty you remember. Still, this is the home you treasure every day so you should be careful who you trust.

The tips above can help you find the best local house painters who can give your home what it needs. To find out if our team is the right choice for you, call our Master Painters today for an estimate.