When you’re looking at having works done to your residential home, strata complex or even commercial space, the first step is to receive quotes from your shortlist of contractors. Once you’ve received these, it’s time to compare and you’ll soon learn, not all quotes are created equally. Here are our top 5 tips to help you expertly compare trade quotes and find the right contractor for the job.

1. Ensure the same areas have been quoted

This might seem obvious, but even with careful explaining and diagrams contractors can still be unclear on the exact areas which need to be worked on. Make sure you have a written reference of which areas are included in the quote, that way there are no discrepancies when comparing trade quotes from different contractors.

2. Check the specs

Once you’re sure your quotes all include works to the same areas, the next element to check is the specifications when comparing trade quotes (how the job will be completed). Using a paint quote as an example, you might notice that one Contractor A is substantially cheaper than Contractor B. However, if you look closer at the quote, you will notice that Contractor A has only allowed for one coat of an inferior paint brand, whereas Contractor B will complete two coats of a premium paint product, such as Taubmans Endure. So whilst Contractor B might cost a little extra, you know you will be getting a better quality finish which will go the distance.
As a side note, if your priorities are just for a simple repaint (for example, if you’re just preparing a home for sale) ensure you make the purpose of the paint job clear to your contractors. Any reputable painter should be able to give you options based on your budget and purpose.

3. What about remedial work?

Have you noticed that bubbling paint around the side of the house? What about the peeling window frames? Whilst it’s only natural to assume a new paint job will fix these issues, don’t take it for granted. An experienced painter will alert you to any building issues which will affect the quality of the new paint job, and either advise how to fix these or include remedial building work in their quote. However, some contractors may not. If you’re concerned about any remedial building aspects, make sure you check that these are covered in your quotes.

4. Consider timeframes

When looking how to compare trade quotes, make sure you check timings. If you’re not fussed when the work is completed, you may be able to negotiate a better rate (like straight after Christmas when it’s traditionally quieter). However if you’re looking to have something completed before a deadline, make sure you check the availability with your contractors. It might just scratch a few off your list regardless of their submitted quote. What’s more, it’s important to not only check when they can start, but how long they expect the job to take. One contractor might be assigning 3 employees to complete the job in record time, whilst another might be a one-man-band and take his time.

5. Research their references

Any reputable contractor will have a list of references for you. These might be supplied as written recommendations accompanying your quote, testimonials on their website, or simply contact details for you to speak with directly. Be sure to check the references of your contractors to make sure they do what they promise. Remember to take online reviews with a grain of salt and go with the majority. If the contractor has an overall good rating, it’s generally safe to ignore the one customer who left a scathing review back in 2009. If, however, the overall consensus for more than one review is looking less than favourable it might be time to move to the better option.
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