We are going to share our painting tips from the best painters in North Shore and surrounds. Painting really is something you want to be done right. And there are steps you need to take to make sure you get the best finish possible.

Painting Tip 1 from the best painters North Shore: Prep like you never have before

As we’ve said before preparation really is everything. From filling cracks, dings, dents, and holes in your plaster to washing and sanding any rough spots. You want a clean, smooth wall to paint.
If you aren’t comfortable or confident with plastering and getting a smooth finish then call a professional plasterer. Repairing plaster can easily go south and plasterers will probably tell you that a lot of their small jobs are fixing up botched jobs. You don’t want to be sitting back relaxing and looking at your imperfect plaster joints or patches. It will seriously drive your mad!!!
If you are going to tackle the job yourself your local hardware store should be happy to make sure you purchase the right products.
Don’t forget to make sure your walls are clean too. You can check out the best way to wash your walls in our previous article options to update your residential painting in time for Christmas.

Painting Tip 2 from the best painters North Shore: Use canvas drop cloths instead of plastic

Using a canvas style drop cloth rather than plastic is much easier and saver to do particularly on the floors. Plastic gets slippery which can be dangerous on the floors. Plastic also slips and slides so it can easily move exposing your flooring or furniture and accidents can happen before you realise.
Plastic also rips and tears quite easily so isn’t nearly as long lasting as cotton or canvas. Whereas canvas style drop cloths are a lot more resilient and longer lasting.

Interior painting project at Killara


Painting Tip 3: How to cut in and keep it straight

There are many tools out there to help you cut in straight. But you can’t go past a steady hand and a decent paint brush. Remember practise makes perfect!
If you aren’t lucky enough to have a steady hand though these can be a great little tool – Shur-Line Premium Wheel Edger. You do need to be careful of the following though:

a) Make sure your adjoining wall or ceiling’s paint isn’t wet as if that’s the case this little tool won’t work. As the little wheels on the top run down the adjoining wall/ceiling to guide you along.

b) Whatever you do don’t get any paint on those little rollers

c) Make sure you the little bristles on the pad don’t go astray and off track leaving a mark on the adjoining wall/ceiling.

d) Don’t add too much paint to your pad either as you’ll have paint oozing out where you don’t want it to go

Need to cut in around doors or windows?

Then masking tape is great to pop around the frames. Just make sure you peel it off before the paint has tried as you don’t want it pulling the paint off too. Always do a sweep of the painted edge where you need to roller with a brush to feather the edge out so you aren’t left with a ridge or bump.

Painting Tip 4: How to stop your tools – rollers, brushes, paint tray drying out between coats

Why wrap them in plastic of course. Whether it be a garbage bag for the trays and smaller grocery bags or cling wrap for the paint brushes and rollers. Wrap them tight and you’ll be amazed at how wet they still are when you go back to do your subsequent coats. So much easier than washing out between coats all the time.

Summit team on site at Jonah’s Restaurant | commercial painting project

Painting Tip 5: Peel off the painters tape before it’s fully dry

If you have used painters tape to mask off doors, windows, light switches or skirting boards. Make sure you peel off the tape before it’s fully dry. If it’s too dry when you peel off the tape disaster can strike and it can peel off the paint too. Which is just devastating when you’ve finished and packed everything away.

What now if you have decided painting isn’t for you

So after reading through our 5 top tips from the best painters in North Shore. Are you inspired to tackle it yourself? Or have you decided that interior or exterior house painting isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time? Don’t hesitate to call us here at Summit Coatings.
We are more than happy to discuss your next painting project with you. No matter how big or small we can help you. We have over 30 years of experience and are members and award winners of the NSW Master Painters Association so you are guaranteed and assured to receive a quality paint finish you will be happy and proud of.


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