Are you wondering how to add finishing touches to your North Shore home and fabulous new home decorating ideas now the house painters have finished? It’s important to put some thought and consideration into how you would like your North Shore home to feel and look once it’s all complete.

We have something to help you start your thought process with 5 finishing touches for your newly painted home.

1. Flooring can make or break your North Shore home

Having too many hard textures can leave a room feeling cold and harsh. But add a rug or use carpet instead, and you have a much softer feature that can really add warmth to a room.

Rugs can be a great way to tie your home interior decorating together, too, which we will discuss some more next. Hardwood floors and vinyl planks are a popular choice, and they can really make your North Shore home and room stand out. Consider mixing it up a bit with an addition of a funky rug to bring in a bit of texture and warmth to the room.

2. Accessorise with a splash of personality

Accessories are the fun part. Inject a bit of your own personality into your North Shore home and achieve the type of energy you want to bring from the moment you step inside.

You may like to stick with an overall theme that flows through your North Shore home and into each room. Or you may prefer to mix it up with colours, different kinds of textures and open shelving.

Some theme ideas you might like to create are:

  • Zen: adding calm and peace to your home
  • Ocean: nautical accessories, as well as blues and whites, to tie it all in together
  • Classic: if you enjoy a more formal and traditional setting

Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong – so go for it!

Finishing touches for your North Shore bedroom tips from Summit Coatings

3. Use plants and flowers to add life to a room

Undoubtedly, bringing plants inside your North Shore home can inject a pop of colour and life into your home. The last thing you want is plants in a dark room if they need sunlight to survive! Just ensure you do your research to find the suitable ones for your space and the areas you would like to place them in.

The great thing about indoor plants and flowers is that you can go for various small little ones but arrange them in clusters. Or you can choose larger statement pieces that demand attention.

4. Lighting to set the mood and feel

Lighting can really set the mood of a room, so it’s important to think about what sort of fixture you want for the room, whether that is a pendant, a chandelier or some downlights.

Consider using dimmers to make for a more intimate and warmed environment that you can change to suit your mood and occasion.

Both floor lamps and table lamps are quite popular and stylish, so a win/win. While also being a great way to add some style and set the mood.

5. Artwork that sparks joy

You don’t need to rush to display your artwork in your North Shore home. You can slowly take your time while enjoying the experience and only display what sparks joy!

It’s a good idea to experiment and move your artwork around the home to see what looks best where. Don’t be afraid to change it up and add unique items that you have collected over the years or that you have always wanted.

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