Being Master Painters, Summit Coatings are also qualified and experienced wallpaper hangers. The last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of wallpaper, so we’ve added a feature on wallpaper to our series of 2017 trends.
If you’re ready (and brave enough) for wallpaper in your home, take a look at these print styles to get inspired.


Green is big in 2017. Considered the “new neutral”, green is perfect for those who want to get the visual effects of wallpaper, without going overboard. What’s more, if you live in a leafy area, or are surrounded with trees or greenery, it’s an easy way to bring the outside, in.

Source: Eurowalls


We’ve discussed the popularity of the tropics in our 2017 Decorating Trends post, and wallpaper is no different. Whilst some home owners like to stick to a floral cushion, some want to go all in; and if that’s you, this theme is for you!
Tropical wallpaper evokes a strong sense of fun, whilst being extremely on-trend. It’s colour and pattern options range from subdued hues, to bright and colourful. The choice is yours! Depending on where you’re hanging this style of wallpaper, and what feel you’re going for, there’s sure to be a pattern which will satisfy your tropical vibes.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


Neutrals and fresh tones are getting a makeover with the adding of textures to an otherwise bland space. Wallpaper is a great place to start the layering of different materials. It’s also perfect for those homeowners wanting to use wallpaper, but not brave enough to go full-on graphic. Patterns like linen, fur, metallics and even bricks will add depth and interest to any room.

Source: Pinterest
If you’re interested in using wallpaper in your home this year, be sure to connect with Summit Coatings to discuss how we can ensure your wallpaper is professionally hung, and look its best!